Thank you for your interest in UCLA Summer Sessions. We hope you will join us for an academically, socially, and culturally enriching summer!

Please review the information below before proceeding to register. When ready to register, select YES, CONTINUE TO REGISTRATION at the bottom of this webpage.


Precollege Summer Institutes are designed for advanced high school students who want to have an academically challenging college-level experience. The minimum age requirement is 14 as of June 24, 2019. Programs may have additional eligibility requirements. Please visit the program website for more information.

The following programs are for commuter students only: the Art Summer Institute (Session B only), Game Lab Summer Institute, Immersive International Studies Summer Institute, and the Writing Summer Institute: Introduction to College Writing. All other Precollege Summer Institutes, including Art Summer Institute (Session A), offer a mandatory residential plan.

Waiver and Agreement
Applicants and their parent/legal guardians are required to complete a Waiver of Liability (Minor / Adult), a Program Participant Agreement (Residential / Non-Residential), and a Questionnaire in order to participate in Precollege Summer Institutes. You will be asked to complete all required documents again if adding a new program, switching to a different program, or re-enrolling in the same program after cancellation.

Program Space and Availability
Information on program space availability may be found on the Precollege Summer Institute - Program Availability page.


College/Professional Summer Institutes deliver an experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom. The minimum eligibility requirement for College/Professional Summer Institutes is a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Additional eligibility requirements vary by program. Please visit the program website for more information.

Most of the College/Profession Summer Institutes coincide with the UCLA summer housing periods, and participants in those programs may apply for UCLA on-campus or off-campus housing through UCLA Housing Services. For programs that do not coincide with regular summer housing periods, such as JumpStart and Big Data for Justice, students may consider UCLA Summer Hostel Housing (on-campus) or options such as 613 Gayley (off campus), both of which offer shorter-term housing solutions.

Waiver and Agreement
All applicants must agree to the Waiver of Liability (Minor / Adult) and a Program Participant Agreement (Minor / Adult) as part of consideration for allowing participation. Any applicant under the age of 18 at the time of submitting this registration form must have a parent/legal guardian complete the Waiver of Liability and the Program Participant Agreement. You will be asked to complete all required documents again if adding a new program, switching to a different program, or re-enrolling in the same program after cancellation.

Program Space and Availability
Information on program space availability may be found on the College Professional Summer Institute - Program Availability page.


Before 5PM, May 1 (PDT): A nonrefundable deposit of $150 ($400 for international students) is required to reserve your space in the program. Please be sure of your intention to register as this deposit is NOT refundable. This deposit will apply toward your summer balance within 1 business day.

After 5PM, May 1 (PDT): Full payment of the program fee is required immediately in order to secure a space in the program. This payment includes the nonrefundable deposit but excludes any applicable miscellaneous fees, such as the Document Fee and Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) Fee, which must be paid on MyUCLA separately.

For programs that require instructor consent to participate, payment will not be accepted until after the application has been reviewed by the program instructor and if or when consent is granted.

Students on a program waitlist will only be prompted to submit payment if a space becomes available for you from the waitlist.

If you are not ready to pay at the time of registration submission, you can access your existing registration form later to make the required payment. Once a valid payment is made, your registration is considered complete and a space in the program will be reserved for you.

Payment can be made by credit card or electronic check using the secure CASHNet SmartPay system. All credit card transactions made through CASHNet SmartPay are subject to a nonrefundable 2.75% service fee. There is no transaction fee for electronic check payments.



The full cost of each Summer Institute will vary. All applicants must review the applicable program website for fee information prior to registering and paying the nonrefundable deposit.

Payment Deadline

The nonrefundable deposit is due immediately in order to reserve a space in the program. The remaining program fees must be paid in full no later than 5PM, May 1 (PDT). Delinquency in payment of other applicable fees may result in enrollment cancellations, holds on academic records, and/or collection actions.


Students who attend high schools in California and enroll in one of our Precollege Summer Institutes may be eligible for UCLA Summer Scholars Support. Visit Summer Scholars Support for more information.

UCLA Summer Sessions currently does not provide financial aid for out-of-state high school students. Out-of-state students should check with their home institution or private organizations for financial aid opportunities.


UCLA financial aid is intended ONLY for eligible UCLA students.

Visiting UC students may apply directly with their home UC campus Financial Aid Office for their participation in UCLA Summer Sessions.

All other students should consult with their home institution for financial aid opportunities.


Please note that summer offerings are subject to change without prior notice.

The nonrefundable deposit may NOT be refunded under any circumstances. The remaining applicable charges excluding the nonrefundable deposit are refundable if the program is dropped or cancelled before 5PM, June 15 (PDT).

No fees are refundable after 5PM, June 15 (PDT).

Please refer to your program website and see PROGRAM WITHDRAWAL AND REFUND POLICY under FEES AND PAYMENT for further details.