UCLA Summer Sessions is committed to working with the campus community to build and deliver a strong base of in-demand core course offerings, as well as innovative programs and learning opportunities for summer visiting students and matriculated UCLA students alike. We thank you for your interest in UCLA Summer Sessions and hope that you will decide to join us for an academically, socially, and culturally enriching experience.

Please review the information below before proceeding to register.


With the exception of currently matriculated UCLA students, a nonrefundable deposit is required of all summer students to complete registration ($400 for international students; $150 for all others).

Please be sure of your intention to register, as this deposit is NOT refundable at any point, under ANY circumstances. We strongly recommend that you verify course/space availablity on the Schedule of Classes one more time before proceeding to payment as a refund of the deposit will not be issued even if the course(s) you wish to take is full with no wait list.

Once enrolled, the nonrefundable deposit will apply toward your summer balance. In the event of withdrawal or all enrollment cancellations prior to the applicable refund deadline, the nonrefundable deposit will appear as the processing fee on your BruinBill account.

Payment of the nonrefundable deposit can be made by credit card or electronic check using the secure CASHNet SmartPay system. All credit card transactions made through CASHNet SmartPay are subject to a nonrefundable 2.75% service fee.

If you are not ready to make any payment, you can first submit this online registration form and later retrieve the form to pay the deposit.


Summer fees for academic courses reflect the total number of units you enroll in and varies by your student status among other factors.

All Summer Sessions participants must review the applicable academic course page organized by student types for information on various policies and procedures including fees and payment. However, you can refer to the fees page for a quick estimate of your summer fees and the calendar page for a summary of payment deadlines. Please note that delinquency in payment may result in enrollment cancellations, holds on academic records, and/or collection actions.


All summer offerings are subject to change, without prior notice, by action of the academic department offering the course/program. Changes include, but are not limited to, meeting time and location changes, instructor substitutions, and course/program cancellation. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify students of such changes and to suggest alternatives when applicable. In the event of cancellation, the University is not responsible for any consequential loss or expenses incurred as a result.

In the event of enrollment cancellations prior to refund deadlines, all applicable fees only from the following categories are subject to refund. Please note that the total refund amount will exclude the nonrefundable deposit.

  • Unit Fees
  • Campus Fee applicable to current matriculated UC students enrolled in at least one course with any on-campus component
  • Registration fee applicable to all visiting non-UC students enrolled in at least one course with any on-campus component
  • Document Fee
  • Instructional Enhancement Initiative Fee
  • Materials Use Fee
  • Health insurance applicable to international students for Summer Sessions registration purposes only

No fees are refundable after the refund deadlines, and students will be financially liable regardless of enrollment status. Go to our calendar for a quick overview of refund deadlines or visit the applicable academic course page based on your student category (see under FEES AND PAYMENT).